Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I discovered the house on the corner of Vineland and Kittridge in early summer, 2006. That area can be best described as a "dump," and the house looked anachronistic there. For starters it was on a really big lot. The house itself was smallish, with dainty peaked roof.

I climbed through the well worn hole on the chain link fence. There were big old trees surrounding the house, a bird bath to the side. There was graffiti all over. This green and black one felt strangely fitting.

There were a couple of extra buildings in the back and a boarded up gazebo.

Behind one of the buildings I found an old work bench. The whole place harkened back to an earlier time. Have there ever been orange groves in North Hollywood? I wouldn't be surprised.

A couple of weeks after my visit the house burned down. I sneaked through the fence again. The walls and the trees were still standing, but the roof was gone. I got my first peak into the house. The only recognizable feature was a white tiled fireplace.

Next time I drove by the house was bulldozed off. So were most of the trees.

There was a note on the fence, something about building an apartment building, or maybe condos. Then the notice was gone, but they haven't built anything. It's just a big empty lot now, with overgrown dead weeds, and tree stumps.

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